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Customer Analytics

for Your Retail Store

Improve customer satisfaction, increase Sales Conversion, meet daily sales budgets and decrease operating costs.

The Kepler Retail Sales Improvement System is more than just a people counter. It utilizes in-store customer analytics to help you improve customer satisfaction, increase sales conversion, meet daily sales budgets, and decrease operating costs across your retail network.

“Kepler has assisted Officeworks in making impactful changes to merchandise, schedules, and store design. We’ve selected them as our in-store analytics partner due to their unique capability to convert data into actionable insights.”

David Pisker GM, Customer Experience at Officeworks

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for the work you are doing with the team on the Kepler induction. I am loving the dashboards – in fact, I am addicted!”

Brad Kennedy, Head of Retail at Lorna Jane


Kepler becomes

a retailers’s key data and analytics


Using our proprietary traffic measurement technology, the Kepler in-store analytics system is a flexible sales optimization platform that measures retail traffic, tracks sales, and identifies causative sales drivers to influence positive in-store sales behavior.

Based on the visible trends and analyses, retailers can determine practical actions to improve their return from store and staff investment. The KeplerX module then allows retailers to automate responses to store performance and monitor compliance with these instructions.

Kepler does not act like a software provider, nor do we see ourselves as one. We are a business partner, using in-store customer analytics to assist retailers in maximizing their bricks-and-mortar environment. Our Kway engagement structure ensures we are supportive and as involved as necessary in your business.

Experience the Retail Foot Traffic & Sales Optimization System used in

30,000+ Locations

Use Kepler Analytics as your store performance command center to pinpoint precisely what needs to be done to reach daily sales targets.

Measure sales,

shopfront and fitting room conversion rates using affordable, easy-to-install store sensors.

Monitor individual stores,

regions, or customized store groups right from a mobile app.


in real-time which stores are unlikely to meet daily targets and tackle operational improvements in those areas before the day concludes.

Control access

by store and regional managers, organized according to the business hierarchy.

In-store customer analytics tools

tailored for retail success



Accurately measures foot traffic using wireless phone detection technology.

Real-Time Monitoring and Forecasting

Forecast which stores won’t achieve targets in real-time and fix the lagging metrics before the day ends.

Data Driven Opportunities

We provide you with real impact and we help you prioritise data driven opportunities based on the realities of your business.

How much is

data driven
store operations

worth to your business?

We will provide you with a custom assessment:

  • Custom Assessment for 6 stores in your store network
  • Comprehensive conversion benchmarking
  • Customer-to-staff ratios

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    Simply fill in your details below and we will be in touch to arrange your free custom assessment and comprehensive demo…

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    Simply fill in your details below and we will be in touch to arrange your free custom assessment and comprehensive demo.